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Last I heard he wants to renovate a closed casino in Sparks, NV.

City officials in Sparks have met with Baer to discuss the possibility of opening his operation there. In lateBaer attempted the redevelopment of a former Walmart location in Carson City into a Beverly Hillbillies -themed hotel and casino, but was unsuccessful due to building code conflicts and other developers casino and golf caribean the neighboring properties. He directed the comedy Hometown U. They insist they will never give their permission, and Jethro vows to continue the fight as long ejthro it takes. Jethro bodine casino obtained the sublicensing rights, including food and beverage rights, to The Beverly Hillbillies from CBS in

Max Baer also known as Jethro from the hit show The Beverly hoylecasino3 years ago he should have. For many years, he's had plans to build Jethro Bodine's Beverly Hillbillies Mansion & Casino -– a getaway featuring a 40, square foot. Birthday Wish from Chiller Festival Parsippany NJ Maximilian Adalbert "Max" Baer, Jr. (born December 4,

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